Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Market Bulletin update

Since mentioning the "Farmer's and Consumer's Market Bulletin" the other day, I have received several requests for the contact information. Next time I mention something, I will try to remember to include the contact information. The "Market Bulletin" is available free for Georgia residents.

I just received my new copy yesterday and it had a great listing for "pick your own" farms for muscadines, one in my own county. One of the reasons many of you want to subscribe is because of the great recipes included in each biweekly issue. Here is the contact information.

From their website:
If you live within the state of Georgia and you would like a subscription to the Market Bulletin, you can send your subscription request via e-mail to Geraldine Fort, at the following e-mail address:,2095,38902732_76248188,00.html

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