Thursday, August 13, 2009

A special guest and more about problems

Tomorrow, I would like to extend a special invitation to check out my blog because I will be introducing a special guest gardener whose new techniques are just amazing. Charlotte Nelson is a local garden enthusiast and business owner who tried a new gardening technique that she just loves. She has graciously allowed me to share with you. I was so amazed and impressed and I just can't wait to share her photos and instructions.

Today, I want to share another problem area in our garden and it is the corn. We had early problems with crows in our corn and had to replant three times. I think the short drought also was a problem. We probably didn't put the correct soil amendments in the soil and probably could have fertilized and watered a little better. We do have some seeds left and will store them in the freezer for next year. I think the soil testing will help and next year we intend to have a bumper crop. This was our biggest disappointment.

The dragonflies do like our corn and I love dragonflies.

One more comment. This is a good thing/bad thing. I love these shoes. They have been my wonderful garden shoes this season. They are "crock" wannabes I bought at Payless and they seem to be indestructible! I certainly have put them through the wringer and they have been very comfortable. My only problem is that I now have tanned spots where the holes are. It is not very attractive when I wear my regular sandals, but I honestly wouldn't trade them for anything even if they cause ugly dots on my feet. I plan to continue to wear them this fall but I will add socks. They are great garden shoes.

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