Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cake disaster tip

Several weeks ago I had a kitchen disaster. The tried and true pound cake recipe I had been using for years, with great success, got stuck in the pan and came out in at least a hundred pieces (or more). I think my old pan needs replacing. It was very disappointing and our guests that evening had a dessert that had great flavor, but looked like a bomb went off in the oven that caused it to disintegrate.

I immediately put the remainder of the cake in a gallon freezer bag and stuck it in the freezer. I knew that an opportunity to use the crumbs would arise if I just waited.

Sure enough, I needed to make a quick dessert and I just grabbed a can of low-fat whipping cream, squirted a little in the bottom of a dessert dish then layered some cake crumbs, strawberries and a little more whipped cream. Prep time for each dessert -- maybe a minute, each. I only needed to make enough desserts for what I needed at that moment. No leftovers and I could have the can of whipped cream, strawberries and cake crumbs ready for more, when needed. Quick, easy and my cake disaster was turned into a triumph.

I wish all my kitchen disasters had silver linings, like this one.

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  1. That dessert looks delicious! Good thinking about keeping the pieces, thanks for sharing your tip, Joanie