Thursday, May 19, 2011

My garden: the nickel tour

This week has been so crazy. My husband had minor surgery today and there was a little bit of garden work and English peas to shell. I have been so busy, I only have time to take you on the nickel tour.

It is beginning to look like a summer garden. We still don't have it fully mulched, but we are making some progress.

We have a higher fence, at left for our cucumbers. We did have to fill in a few bare spaces but I am hoping the higher fence will keep the cukes off the ground.

Cabbages are beginning to head. We sprayed them with BT and are hoping to keep the worms at bay.

Carrots! We actually have fingerling carrots. They look and taste wonderful. We do need to let them grow a bit larger. These are our best carrots ever.

We fertilized and pulled dirt up around our corn after we saw this photo. The corn looks top-heavy and hopefully we can keep it growing straight and tall.

Pole beans. It is filling in and running up the bamboo poles. I love the way they look.

We still have lettuce. Some of it is flowering but that is a good thing because we want to attract bees and good insects.

Pepper blooms ...

On our sweet pepper row. We have the sweet peppers caged. The hot peppers still need the cages.

I love shallots but I really don't know when to harvest them.

Our squash looks wonderful. We have been trying to protect it from bugs using BT and we have been handpicking squash bug eggs.

The yellow squash are setting fruit.

The zucchini, too.

Our tomato beds look good but we will be working on a staking system soon.

And our beefmasters have some nice tomatoes already.

That's the quick tour -- maybe worth a nickel.


  1. a nickel you say....I think not, WOW...very impressed. I would say more like a million dollar tour. You will have plenty of food this summer. charlotte from newnan

  2. Wow, your garden is looking great! I will have to tell Alex about the bamboo poles you used with the beans, since we could certainly do that too!