Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My most unusual yard sale find

The other day I was at a yard sale when the homeowner said, "Hey, does anyone want any of these hostas? I am moving and my grandmother planted these. I don't really want to leave them behind."

The price per clump? Three bucks! I immediately said yes. They got out a shovel and I brought home a big clump of hostas, separated it and planted them along the front of my home, in my shrub bed. Another lady behind me said, "I will take the rest!"

I have made up my mind about one thing. When someone offers me plants, or a plant deal, I should jump on it, even if the timing isn't convenient. I also must keep a pair of gloves, a couple of tools and a bucket in my car to take advantage of these opportunities.

This one doesn't happen very often and hostas are one of those plants that don't need tons of care and are great for shady spots -- and my yard is mostly shady. I will just add compost from time to time and protect from slugs and small animals. Deer really love these plants, but at the front of my house I don't think I will have problems. The only worry I have is the little chipmunk that has recently taken up residence in my front yard. I am hoping they will grow bigger and I will keep on splitting them and adding them to other beds in my yard.

While this is my most unusual yard sale find, I think I will keep my eyes out for more similar items. Gardening pots and even plants are now on my yard sale list and I will take advantage of everything like this I can find.

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  1. Great yard sale find, Deberah! Hostas are so attractive, such pretty shades of green.
    Good luck with your garden, Joanie