Monday, May 9, 2011

Please bring me some of that bok choy

For Mother's Day lunch we to picked some bok choy for a sauteed dish. I thought it would be an OK dish but I really didn't know that people would really like it.

Bok choy is a mild cruciferous vegetable used mostly in Chinese cooking. It is high in vitamins and minerals and has a mild flavor. I have used it in soups and Chinese stir frys but I have never before just sauteed a big bunch of it. (I have never before has so much of it!)

That is because we planted a really big row of it a couple of months ago and it is ready to harvest now, we decided we really needed to cook some up. It would be best if we cooked up a lot it it, but, I was a bit nervous about serving an unusual green vegetable for a special day like Mother's Day -- always a family get-together day for our family -- but I just have so much of it.

We picked, washed and chopped it, then sauteed it in a large iron skillet. I added salt, pepper and onion powder to taste, cooked it, drained some of the water (bok choy is very watery) and cooked it a bit longer and surprisingly, it was a hit.

Everyone asked what the vegetable was before they tried it, but it got overall good reviews. I thought it was particularly good with grilled chicken.

My mother-in-law even called to ask what the vegetable was, and if we had more, would we please bring her some. I didn't expect that at all. She rarely asks for vegetables, especially greens because she doesn't like having to wash it.

I don't mind giving her some at all. We will be eating it plenty in the next couple of weeks because I have read it really doesn't freeze well.

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