Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More from Charlotte Nelson's garden

Straw bale gardening is one of the things Charlotte has worked to perfect but that is only one of her successes. She also grows potatoes underneath straw. Instead of covering her potatoes with dirt she tucks them under the straw -- they grow the same as normal potatoes but they just don't get dirty. They are harvested by pulling back the straw to get what you need. They can be covered again and harvested as needed. It's the clean way to grow potatoes.

As  her potatoes grow above the straw, Charlotte covers them with more loose straw on top and they grow above, and below the straw. Eventually the plants will die back. 

She has grown some very nice strawberries on top of straw bales.

Containers, like the one above hold her crop of sweet potatoes. I had never seen them grown in pots like this but Charlotte has had good success with container planting.

Above, asparagus is growing in a raised bed surrounded by railroad ties. It will take the asparagus several years to produce a crop, but this is a good way to keep them separate and protected from other plants.

Charlotte grows blueberries along her fence. I am telling you, she has everything.

I can't wait to see how her garden grows during the summer.

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