Friday, January 13, 2012

A few projects for the new year

The New Year is usually a time when I am just full of plans and I realize I have gotten a late start but I would like to share a few ideas that I am working on. First, something I want to get started on is updating my spice "cabinet." I don't really have a spice cabinet but I do keep spices in my pantry shelf and inside my pantry door. I have quite a few spices. The only problem is that I don't clear them out and buy new ones as often as I should. This year I intend doing that. Old spices don't liven up a stew or dish like fresh ones. When I saw this idea from I said, "Yes. I must do this." They have a very nice pdf to download so you can take it to the store and check off the spices you need.

You can get some good spice deals from time to time. I love to go places where I can buy them in bulk because you can get plenty of the spices you need and small amounts of the spices you almost never use. I also like to dry some of my own spices and those I keep in the freezer.

January is a time to add to my Moleskine Journals. My favorite is the Recipe Journal I keep for new dishes. I have also started to include my old favorites. It is a beautiful book and I just love it. I keep them on my computer, too but there is just something nice about adding recipes to my very on journal. I will continue to add to this one until it is full.
 I like to have a monthly journal, too. This is my second Moleskine monthly calendar journal and I love it. I like to jot down notes when I do things and comments about events because I often need to go back and revisit them. For a person like me who lives on a deadline it is a must.

I have a sketch journal that I like to use, too. I haven't used it as much as I like to or should have but I really love having one I can sketch in as I go places. There are ideas everywhere and if you don't sketch them, how will you remember?

I can also sketch things like garden plans, layout ideas and projects. The truth is a lovely journal makes taking notes and keeping up with things a pleasure and not such a chore.


  1. Great ideas, Deberah - I enjoy journals too. I find them very inspiring and when I read back through the pages, I'm reminded of places we've been and outings we've had. Hope 2012 is full of blessings for you and your family, Joanie

    1. Thanks Joanie. I was talking to Angela yesterday and we agreed that it is great for keeping up with remembering things we had done all year. I hope you have many wonderful journal entries in 2012!

  2. I so agree! There's nothing quite like having the right journal at the beginning of a new year!