Friday, January 6, 2012

Planning for the New Year

One day next week I will have a big announcement to make. It has something to do with gardening, which has become quite a passion for me. I am working on something new and -- to me, interesting -- but I won't give any more hints.

What have I been doing in my leisure this week? Going to sales, cleaning up clutter and reading seed catalogs. My favorite one so far is the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds book that my friend Angela gave me. I had already downloaded a copy from their website, but this catalog was eye candy for me and so nice to hold it in my hands. I honestly never realized there were so many varieties of vegetables and fruits out there. I will work on a list of websites that have great seeds -- and prices.

The other great thing about this magazine/catalog is that it appears to be a family affair, and since I am a family-centric person, it really suits me to a T.

This beautiful weather causes me to dream about plowing and planting, encouraging me to look at seed catalogs and reading some old organic gardening books for more information. Now is the time to order seeds for the garden and to make plans. Winter is beautiful in the south at this time of year -- perfect for doing a bit of catch up on the inside on rainy, cold days and nice on the days that the sunshine and nicer temperatures promise that spring will be here before we know it.


  1. I love the cover of this catalogue, what a pretty picture! You have 'piqued' my curiousity, Deberah - can't wait to hear your announcement,

  2. Yes, Baker Creek is indeed great eye candy, isn't it! They have also written a book about heirloom gardening which is on my wish list now.