Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Sisters Gardening

Today I have an announcement to make. I would like to introduce you to a new blog called Two Sisters Gardening.

My sister, Wilma Smith, who has been my gardening partner for the past several years and I will be posting exclusively about gardening. My sis, who loves everything nature has to offer is naturally gifted with a green thumb. She loves the great outdoors, animals and loves to plant, tend and decorate with flowers, raise vegetables and tend to her outdoor landscape.

I will still be posting on Everyday Finesse, but I will post about gardening topics on both blogs.

Our new blog will include recipes, endless tips, advice from experts, tours of gardens of all types, guest bloggers and reviews of garden products and techniques. In other words -- all things gardening. We will be answering gardening questions, visiting local gardens and looking at how to garden from every angle.

We will also be starting a new local and online garden club called the Crossroads Garden Club. This club will be affiliated with the National Garden Club and the Georgia Garden Club and will be in the Redbud District, just as any other local club would be. Our first year will focus on education and we already have a couple of guest speakers lined up. There will be regular meetings beginning on February 28, but the club will also be open online for those who can't attend meetings. There will be some differences between the online and local memberships but everyone will be able to take advantage of the gardening knowledge of experts who will speak to us each month.

As I wrote on the first Two Sisters Blog entry, it is time to get started because spring will be here before you know it! Get your garden tools, fertilizers and garden seeds ready and tune up the tiller, because we are ready to break new ground!

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  1. Congratulations, Deberah - this is awesome news! I enjoy 'Everyday Finesse' and I'm sure will enjoy any venture of yours. Looking forward to learning all the neat things that you discover and share, thank-you, Joanie