Monday, January 9, 2012

Love those Brussels sprouts!

We were so excited to have Brussels sprouts from our garden this weekend. We picked them on Saturday morning and then got ready for our busy day that included two birthday celebrations. I felt very good about serving such a wholesome vegetable on the day we also had PLENTY of cake and goodies.

Before we did the picking, we checked out the Internet to see how Brussels sprouts should be picked. We had never done it before. We saw two methods. One, pick the larger sprouts at the base of the stems and pull them off individually by pulling up and twisting them off, carefully leaving the stem intact. The second method was to pull up, or cut the whole plant and then pluck the sprouts later, just before cooking.

The second method didn't work at all for me because I think we will have some more of the little sprouts to grow as the season progresses. At least I hope these plants are just beginning to produce. We decided to pluck them off, leaving the stems that we will fertilize, encouraging new growth for more sprouts from now until spring. It sounds like a good plan and I hope it works!

The sprouts were beautiful, at top, in my largest colander and I washed them and pulled off any of the little outside leaves that had brown edges. I then washed them and added a little olive oil to my large iron skillet. Scallions were first sauteed in the oil and I then added the sprouts, cooking them on medium high. I finally turned them down and covered them until they were just slightly browned, stirring every few minutes and -- they were great! We already knew we liked Brussels sprouts but the fresh ones do have a bit of extra flavor -- especially when you cook them the same day they are picked. I hope we have more sprouts during the winter season, but it was so nice to have our first harvest which made a generous serving for ten.

I can't help but believe that they were better than the cake.


  1. Yum! Fresh Brussels sprouts sound like a great balancing act for birthday cake. Delicious, too!

  2. Oh, those Brussel sprouts look so good - thank you for getting me in the mood for some vegetables! Enjoy, Joanie