Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting ready for a vacation

 Sometimes, things need to be repeated. Here is an old idea I am dusting off to reuse because lately I have felt so disorganized. Hope you like it.

Here's an idea I saw on one of my daughter's "Pins" on Pinterest. Want to make sure you have everything you'll need on your next trip or vacation? It seems like I always forget something, especially between my husband and me. We have forgotten everything from soft pillows to underwear. We usually have to go out and buy something and even if it is just toothpaste. It is frustrating to have to go shopping for something like that when we could be having fun or lying on the beach.

The solution is to start now with a printed list like this one and just check off the things you need. This list is from Brian Sibley's flickr account and is easy to download and print. I saved mine as a pdf and now I can just print what I need. I will check it out on my next vacation trip in the not too distant future when I spend a weekend at the beach with family.

I like this list because it first makes you think about what the special event will be (My special event--relaxing on the beach which means light packing, but for a something like a wedding it can get complicated.) It then reminds you to check the weather and temps. After that you just will need to check all the items you will need for travel.

Stash it in your suitcase and double check the items on the return trip to make sure you didn't forget something. Easy-pea-sy.

I think I am going to make a number of copies and file them in my desk drawer. Just click on the link above to download your copy.

This is great for a person like me who would love to be organized but really isn't. Happy traveling. This list should help!

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  1. Hello Deberah, what a great idea! I am going to download this and make a copy - thanks so much for posting this, Joanie