Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My dad's hot pepper sauce

It's pepper sauce time. Jalapenos are beginning to come in and since I didn't can any peppers last year and my cupboard is bare, it is time to start canning. One of the reasons I didn't pickle any peppers last year is because all of my peppers were mild. This year they are hot and my family can't wait for me to start canning.

I grew up using pepper sauce on my greens--especially turnip greens. My father was the pepper sauce maker. He took great pride in his pepper sauce and worked hard to perfect it.

Here is his recipe in his words. I just dusted it off to have it ready. It's easy and everyone loves it.

Edgar's Hot Pepper Sauce

1 cup salt
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons mustard seed
1 gallon distilled vinegar

Stuff hot mason jars with hot peppers of all kinds. I use jalapeno, banana, and cayenne. Do not use habaneros. Boil sauce and pour over peppers. Boil lids and rings and seal jars. Serving Ideas: Especially good on turnip greens, collards, garden peas and butter beans. The best I ever made was with all red jalapenos. Sometimes I also add the last of the green cherry tomatoes in with the peppers. They are good on nacho chips, covered with cheddar cheese and placed under the broiler until the cheese melts. Hot and flavorful.

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