Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

I love old vintage posters and I also love Americana art. These old examples were on Wikicommons--things in the public domain. I always say I want to use some of these old drawings as greeting cards. The one above was a July 4th poster from 1918. Even though World War I ended in 1918, it wasn't until November of that year. This poster was a celebration and also a positive message.

 John Lewis Krimmel created this painting of the Philadelphia July 4th celebration in 1819. It looks like a jovial celebration with the greeting of a soldier on the left, a little boy sneaking a drink under the table in the center, a couple of soldiers in different uniforms celebrating and what might be a person signing a petition or campaigning on the right. Looks much like celebrations we have today. Obviously the fireworks came later in the day.

Have a happy and blessed Independence Day celebration!

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