Friday, October 9, 2009

A backpack -- to the rescue

Traveling with children can be trying at times, and I usually spend some time before a trip racking my brain to come up with something that will be interesting and keep them from becoming too bored. It is especially hard when they will be cooped up inside much of the time.

I have decided that a backpack full of craft and fun items is probably the best way to meet my objective of safe, clean, quiet and busy fun. After all, it works for Dora and Diego, so maybe a backpack will save the day when we travel.

In order to find some items to pack my backpack, I went to Michael's with coupons. I am sure any craft store would have quite a few fun items, too -- but I am used to Michael's and I get coupons on the Internet I download for savings.

I did find quite a few items on sale. I bought a large and a small sketch pad, a Bristol pad, coloring books, colors, a small container of clay (play dough), a foam sticker packet of little people, football stickers, craft glue, sharpened pencils (with Halloween designs), and Halloween stickers, a package of Halloween items with a spider, a pumpkin head and a little man with a pointed hat.

I also put in some scissors, something to snack on and a package of wipes. The play dough will need a mat and it would be nice to add a little trash bag of some kind, some gallon size baggies and a few healthy snacks.

What I have now is a bag filled with imagination and I think it will help with busy little hands. I intend to update it with seasonal crafts and add to it as supplies get low. The initial reaction is good, but I am not expecting miracles.

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