Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saving time with online newsletters

Have you ever spent lots of time searching the Internet for decorating ideas or recipes and you just gave up because there were too many places to look? I've often had that problem and I have found one good solution.

I sign up for online newsletters and let the information come to me.

My favorites are the holiday workshops by Martha Stewart Living. There are so many ideas, recipes and crafts for fall, Christmas, Easter and every holiday, really. You have to sign up for an email reminder to sign up for the workshops. They are so informative -- I really love them.

In addition to the holiday newsletters, I receive a Cookie of the Day newsletter, an Organizing Tip of the Day newsletter and then there is the regular newsletter.

I also receive the Everyday Food -- Dinner Tonight newsletter.I receive the Organic Gardening newsletter that comes once a week, I think. It has some good gardening tips.
I signed up for the Mother Earth News newsletter and I have received quite a few good ideas. It would be even better if I was a "self-sustainer." It's not as upscale as some newsletters but it can be very interesting.

I also receive a Southern Living newsletter and I enjoy their countless decorating tips. If you click the Newsletter button on the Southern Living website, you will see a list of daily and weekly newsletters as long as your arm.

Another good one is the tips newsletter from RealSimple. Sometimes they are a little too simple, but I enjoy them.

I can't tell you all the online newsletters I've tried and didn't like. I really like to receive the information from the ones I enjoy, and I also like it that I can unsubscribe and they just stop coming -- unlike SPAM.

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  1. Delightful. Haven't looked at you in a while, but am glad I made the effort. How refreshing...