Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our fall garden

I must admit that our fall garden is really growing. It's not perfect, but it is producing a number of things, especially the peas in the photo above. We planted green peas and pea pods. We are so excited about our peas and even though I haven't seen a pod yet, there are blooms. That is a great start. I expect the peas to follow as soon as we have several days of sun.

The jalepenos are beginning to turn. A sure sign the weather is getting cooler (not to mention the temperature!).

We have lettuce! This nice buttercrunch variety will be sweet and tasty.

The cayennes are turning red very quickly, now.

The carrots are looking good. I have read that the carrot's size is determined by the tops that are above ground.
And then there are the greens. This kale above just keeps growing. We are cutting it with scissors and letting the underneath part grow large before we cut the next batch. It is one of our favorites.

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