Monday, October 12, 2009

Garden progress

We have been out of town for a little over a week and we couldn't wait to get back to see our garden progress. My post is late because I wanted to give an update. We were quite pleased that things were really looking good -- actually, better than I expected.

Above at left, the butter beans are still growing. The potatoes are not up, yet but the kale, lettuce and green peas are looking good. We do have grass. I don't think there is any way to get away from grass and weeds.

The pea pods, garlic, collard greens and carrots are growing nicely.

The turnip greens are probably big enough to eat.

A closer view of collard greens. My husband thinks we will have a nice harvest for Thanksgiving.

We inspected our experimental greens garden, where we just tossed out leftover seed greens and fertilizer. That is doing well, too.

I didn't show you our pumpkins that really haven't produced anything. I am hoping for the best but I think I need to start looking for a good carving pumpkin.

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