Monday, October 19, 2009

The Farmer's Market at Chestnut Hill

We recently spent 10 days in Philadelphia, Pa. in the quaint town of Chestnut Hill. It is an area that has a very old downtown area, with cobblestone streets. There were old shops, trendy stores and restaurants on most every corner that served cheese steak. One of my favorite places -- a market with beautiful produce.

This market had the most beautiful fresh produce I have ever seen. Everything was obviously fresh and I felt that anything we bought would be very good -- and I was right.

The best thing we bought were the Brussel sprouts. They were very big, tasty and easy to cook, but then everything they had was fresh and delicious.

I think it is good, for a gardener to see what kind of produce is possible. I loved everything and got some new ideas for next year's garden, including bok choy and of course, Brussel sprouts.

We also bought fresh carrot juice from the juice bar. It made me wish I could go to the corner market at home rather than the supermarket.

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