Monday, October 5, 2009

Do you netti pot?

It has been almost two years now, but my daughter went to a homeopathic doctor who recommended she use a Netti pot for her problem sinuses. She did and raved about it so I decided I had to try it.

The concept is a simple one. Washing out your sinuses with warm water and a salt/soda solution cleans germs, and allergens from your sinus cavity to keep you healthier and cut down on colds and allergy attacks.

When I bought my first Netti pot (the one pictured at top that looks like a mini plastic watering can), I had a hard time finding it in the drug store because apparently Oprah had recommended it and every woman in America that watched that show had gone out and bought one.

I did find one soon after and have faithfully used it ever since. I will have to report that it works. I have had less colds, no flu (I do always get the flu shot.) and it has helped any sinus problems I may have had. I really haven't had a cold of any consequence since.

The only cold I almost had was "washed" away in a Netti pot frenzy. I rinsed every hour with water as warm as I could stand. The next day the rinsing was a little less frequent and the next day I was truly better.

I have a new device, pictured top, right and it is virtually the same. I usually use it in the shower -- less messy that way. The dry solution I sometimes buy is pictured under the Netti pot devices.

Sometimes I mix my own solution by using equal parts of sea salt and baking soda and dissolving about half a teaspoon in warm water for each rinse. It is much cheaper to make your own but for traveling, I always buy packets.

It is a simple idea that has really worked for me and I wanted to recommend it now that cold and flu season is upon us. I can't say it will keep you from getting a cold entirely, but I do think it can lessen the symptoms of a cold and shorten the duration. So try it. I am sure Oprah still recommends it, so you gotta know it is good.

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