Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall cleaning

I have been putting off a job I didn't want to do for some time. This past Saturday I finally tackled cleaning the tile in my bathroom and I will admit I feel so much better. That job has been weighing on me for a very long time. I think it is also a good idea to admit that sometimes I just let some things go and even though it might be embarrassing, I am kind of proud of myself to finally get it done.

It was really just grime. Even though I have mopped over and over, I think sometimes I just pushed dust and grime into the grout where it just turned dark over time -- very frustrating.

I have looked over and over again for products that can clean a tile floor with ease but I just can't find any. The only thing I have ever been able to use on tile is bleach and elbow grease. So I took some bleach cleanser, a brush and a cleaning cloth and got to work. After a few minutes, it began to pay off.

I think the main thing I had to watch were the fumes from the bleach. If anyone has a better method, please let me know what you would do. I would prefer to use something other than bleach, a bucket of water and a scrub brush, but it is the best thing I know of for cleaning soiled grout.

I must admit, the tile does look better and I now won't be embarrassed to let someone see my bathroom floor. I need to move on to other projects to finish my fall cleaning. I will be sure to clean more deeply from now on. I don't want my floor to get this bad again.


  1. Beautiful job you've done there, but hey, whose idea was it to make grout white anyway? Wouldn't black have been so much nicer! ;)

  2. So true. I think I should regrout a much darker color.

  3. You did a great job, Deberah, but I agree that the white grout 'gets dirty,' from the moment it goes down! I have seen shades of grey used as grout and it does not show the dirt nearly so much. Good job with the bleach and I know it's a good feeling to get that off your to-do list,