Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall flu shot reminder

Tonight I am resting with a cup of tea and a couple of pain relievers because I had my yearly flu shot, which incidentally contains H1N1. That means two shots are not needed to protect you from full flu coverage this year (that is if they got it right) and that is a good thing because even though my nurse gave me a pain-free shot, my arm is still sore and swollen and I am glad I don't need two shots.

I really do recommend the shot because I haven't had the flu since I began getting shots a few years ago. Also, I recommend taking it easy on the day you get the shot, drinking plenty of water (or hot tea), eating well, getting plenty of rest, taking Tylenol if you have pain and an antihistamine if you have swelling or allergy symptoms.

I also would like to mention that I like going to a female primary care physician -- the reason -- today she complimented me on my choice of toenail polish in the course of my physical exam. How often could that happen? Sorry guys, if you are reading this. It's a girl thing.


  1. I got mine yesterday ,and yes to the sore arm !
    A cup of tea helps!

  2. Hope you're feeling rested after the flu shot. I have heard the same comment about the sore arm. Your photo today is just lovely, it just 'says fall!' I've been enjoying the beautiful, cooler weather this week. Hope you have a great weekend, Joanie