Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall colors

I think fall has finally arrived in Georgia this week. The leaves haven't turned dramatically yet and that is what marks fall for me. I knew it was here as soon as I saw these wild flowers that I think are Black eyed Susans or Rudbeckias, but my sister says they are Jerusalem artichokes. She is usually right.

Days like this are crisp, still warm enough and clear as a bell. These photos were taken just before dusk so the colors are crisp. You see all the vibrant detail and all this is taken from nature's palette. The flowers were spread by the wind and the birds -- a true gift.

They are growing next to the lake with the tips of the trees showing fall color on the opposite bank. There is almost no breeze because the water is almost still -- the perfect time before darkness falls.

They are very hardy but look fragile with the trees and other plants mirrored behind them. Enjoy your fall. It doesn't last long.


  1. Dear Deberah, I love your post today - the photos are just beautiful! The yellows are so vibrant and the photo by the lake - it looks like a painting, it is so pretty! It looks like a rainbow is in the reflection -
    wow! And you're right, beautiful days like today are fleeting. Thank you for sharing your photos with us, it has made my day. Have a great fall season, Joanie