Sunday, October 10, 2010

Garden update: 10-10-10

Yesterday we picked vegetables from our garden and I still can't believe that we have so much this late in the season. We are still getting some okra, peppers, squash, cucumbers and eggplant.

The peppers seem to be better than at any time during the summer. It's like they just exploded and we have more of every variety. I didn't get a photo of the jalapenos -- just an oversight on my part. They sure looking good, though. I am hoping to make some pepper sauce one day this week.

The collards are looking very good. We planted plants this year rather than seeds. We do have a few with holes but the bugs are not ravaging everything like they were earlier. We will wait for frost to pick.

The cucumbers are growing a little more slowly but it is exciting to have fresh cucumbers this time of year.

We are also a little surprised by our eggplants. They have been steadily producing. I think tomorrow, my husband is planning to grill some for dinner.

We have a tower of gourds and that is exciting, too. We are hoping to make something decorative out of a few of them but we don't yet know what. I hope the seeds won't be too hard to remove.

We have four large ones growing in the center of the "tower." We are so happy to have them.

Our kale is mostly "undercover." We put the row cover over most of the kale to (we hope) prevent it from having little green worms. I hate bringing them home.

Our pumpkins are really growing and flowering but there isn't very much fruit.

We do have a couple of little ones, like the one above. We are still hoping, but time is running out.

The sunflowers are beginning to droop and should be harvested soon. If we don't get the seeds, the birds surely will. We may put the seed heads out during the winter for the birds. We could also dry them and eat them ourselves.

I forgot to take a photo of the squash but it really looks good, too.

My garden is not too bad at all for the 10th of October!


  1. I am impressed! Quite a variety you have there for a fall garden -- or any garden!

  2. That is amamzing, and your pictures are beautiful!

  3. What a bounty! I love your photos, you certainly have a good variety of vegetables - they look so good. Thanks for sharing,