Monday, October 18, 2010

It's the season for greens

My husband surprised me with what's in the bucket above this weekend. No, it is not a bucket of flowers. That would have been nice, but this was nice, too. It is a bucket of collard greens. I think they are very pretty arranged like a big cabbage flower.

Our collards are not quite ready to harvest, even though they are doing well, but my sister read if you pick the outside leaves of the collards, the inside leaves will grow larger, giving you a higher yield. She made the suggestion we pick some of the outer leaves and my husband loved it. We washed them and stuck them in a bucket of water so they would stay fresh until we put them in baggies to save them for later.

I was thinking as we washed and put them away that it was best, and most economical to eat things while they are in season and greens are in season right now. It's time to enjoy the most nutritious vegetables the garden can provide. The wonderful thing about greens is that they have two growing seasons each year. Greens are also one of the best southern vegetables. Very tasty.

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  1. What a neat photo, it does look like a big cabbage flower! I love collards too - they are so delicious. Thanks for sharing, Joanie