Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin faces

The other day I saw some pumpkins being in a decorative display and the faces appeared to be applied to the pumpkin, using glue or stickers. I really, really loved the idea. When I bought this pumpkin for just $4.00 I decided it would be my "mood pumpkin." If I was in a good mood, I could stick on a happy pumpkin face and if I was in a bad mood, a face like the one above.

This pumpkin was inspired by the painting by Edvard Munch, entitled "The Scream." I thought it expressed my mood quite well this past weekend as I was working really hard on a deadline. 

After I decorated the pumpkin, using double-sided tape and black construction paper, I decided I really liked his face. It doesn't depress me at all. I also think my pumpkin is very fitting for Halloween. It is my joke. Instead of the pumpkin being scary to people, people are scary to my pumpkin. Silly, for sure, but funny to me.

This is the normal pumpkin face. I also thought is could be easily made using black sticky-backed craft foam. Construction paper won't last in the rain but the foam should be fine.

This pumpkin looks very smug. I don't think this one reflects my mood but I like his arrogance.

I tried to make a sweet one but I don't know if I like this face. Turn the smile upside down and you would have one sad pumpkin.

You get the idea. I like this so much better than carving pumpkins. It is much less messy -- won't light up, though.


  1. Those pumpkins are so cute! Very creative, Deberah. The 'smug pumpkin' kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown's face, it just made me think of that! We're enjoying all the Halloween Events and decorations, some folks have really gone 'all out!' Hope you have a
    fun-filled Halloween, Joanie

  2. I like the "smug" pumpkin best, but I think I looks more snooty, which would fit someone I know VERY well. I don't really mean "better than you" snooty, I mean more like, "I do a blog about tea" snooty. So maybe it fits two people I know! Love the easy to decorate idea!