Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's for Dinner?

"What's for Dinner?" is an often asked question around my house. The other day I was at Michael's and I found some really nice pads to hang on my refrigerator that may be able to help me with that question. I haven't started using it yet, but I think when I do, it will help me in several areas.

One, I will have a plan and follow the plan. No one will be ask me what we will have for dinner and whoever gets home first can get a head start on dinner. I think this is a very useful tool and it will hang on my refrigerator as a guide for anyone who asks the important nightly question.

A couple of nights ago, I arrived home to a pleasant surprise. My husband decided to make one of my favorite dishes, Veggie Kabobs. He had them all ready for the grill when I got home.

He grilled them for a wonderful dinner.

Grilled Veggie Kabobs

Assorted vegetables cut into cubes: We used peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, plenty of onion, and eggplant.
Put the cubes onto metal skewers, baste with soy sauce and add salt and pepper to taste.
Grill for fifteen to twenty minutes. Yummy and fat-free.


  1. What a great post, today - that's a neat idea to have a menu planner. By the way, your husband sounds so thoughtful, to have a healthy dinner all ready & on the grill: I am going to share today's post with my husband and 'see' if he gets any *ideas* ! ! ! I'll let you know,