Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Choosing chargers

The other day I ran across these green lacquered chargers on sale. Since the price was right, I decided to buy them to to use with my Christmas china. I thought it was a very good buy, especially since I could also use them with my everyday china. I am a sucker for anything I use for special occasions that I can also use every day. It seems a shame not to enjoy things all the time. I guess it seems kind of silly to have Christmas china because I only use that during the holiday season but I do also make exceptions for Christmas.

Above is my everyday china sitting on the new charger. I think it is really interesting how different the chargers look with different plates.

My daughter disagreed with my choice because she said my Christmas Spode would look better on a red charger because the green would stand out more. I think she might have been right, but I still have more use for green chargers. I thought I would be semi-practical about my choice, especially since chargers are not the most practical thing I could purchase.

There is still time to swap the green for red so I would really like your opinion. What do you think? Should I have purchased the red or is green the best choice, or should I take them back and look for something different?


  1. What pretty plates! I like the green chargers - they set both plates off and it is amazing to see how different the plates look, with the chargers. I think you could add in touches of red, like napkins or Poinsettia plants - as an accent color and you wouldn't have to spend extra money on red chargers. Have a great day, Joanie

  2. Ha ha! I (your ever-so-positive daughter) think the red chargers would look better with BOTH plates. There is that red apple in the center. But it's your ten bucks. Actually for the ten bucks you could get 8 red ones and use them both.

  3. I love red - so bright and cheery. Red would be perfect with both plates and make them pop!