Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tissue flower wreath

One of the ideas for Christmas decorating we presented at the Tea for Toys last week was this tissue wreath. People really seemed to like it and it is an easy thing to make. The cost to make this one was under $5 (one larger than 8" would cost more). I have always liked tissue flowers ever since I learned to made them as a child from Kleenexes and hairpins.

I found a thick styrofoam wreath at my local Dollar Tree and I cut it in half to make two wreaths. I think the higher priced ones at the craft stores are of a higher quality and maybe easier to work with but the price difference is incredible.

Here are the directions. I hope you enjoy my wreath if you make it.

Tissue Flower Wreath Directions

4 to 5 sheets of red tissue paper (fold and cut into 3 inch circles)
2 stems of lacquered red berries (each stem contains approximately 21 berries)
1 (8-inch) styrofoam wreath
Wire cutters
Low-temperature or hot melt glue and glue gun
1 (8 1/2 x 11) piece of cardboard to cut a circle for the back (optional)
Ribbon for the inside of the circle (optional)

To make the flowers: Cut three inch circles from the tissue paper. Separate the lacquered berries from the  stem. Each will have a wire attached. Take at least three circles and insert the wire into the center of the tissue circles. Form a flower loosely around the berry and lay the flowers aside. You will have approximately 42 flowers.

For the optional cardboard backing on the wreath, lay the styrofoam wreath onto the cardboard, trace the shape and cut out the circle.

Insert the stems of the flowers randomly into the styrofoam wreath. Cut the excess wire from the back of the wreath with wire cutters. Secure the flowers by gluing them to the styrofoam wreath underneath the tissue, taking care to make sure the glue doesn’t show through.

Glue on the optional cardboard back and ribbon in the center with a low temperature glue gun.

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  1. This is a beautiful wreath, so rich looking. I bet it would be very pretty with a battery-operated candle, in the center. I may try this, over Christmas break, thank you for the directions, Joanie