Friday, December 3, 2010

Ribbon embellished gift bags

Wrapping is a chore for me so I love using gift bags for Christmas presents. I usually make a trip or two to my local Dollar Tree store and stock up because they have plenty of pretty, decorative Christmas bags.

Another frustration is that at the last minute (usually on Christmas Eve) I find I have forgotten to bag one or two smaller presents and I am either panicked and have to make a last-minute dollar store run, or I have to get out the wrapping paper and tape and actually wrap a present.

This year I have decided to also purchase some white (or kraft) lunch sacks and add my own little easy, decorative twist to them. If I add some tissue paper inside and put on a pretty ribbon, perhaps people will think I am just creative and not a person who just hates wrapping presents. I know these sacks are cheaper than $1 each and they are very easy.

So, I think I will never myself short a gift bag if I keep these items on hand:

White or brown kraft paper bag
X-acto knife or sharp scissors

Directions: Cut a ribbon and tie a knot forming a 4 inch loop on the top. Fold the bag over three to four inches then make two slits slightly wider than the ribbon in the bag, the first at around 1 inch from the top and the second at 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the top. Thread the ribbon through the slits, making sure the knot holds. The loop will form a handle for the bag.

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  1. What pretty gift bags! I am with you - I much prefer using gift bags, versus wrapping a present - wrapping presents seems to be such a chore. Thanks for sharing this tip, Joanie