Monday, December 20, 2010

Recipe for easy, "angelic" sugar cookies

Start out with a little angel. This one is six and has just finished performing in a Christmas play.

You will need the following:

Store-bought sugar cookies (or home-baked ones -- even better)
Red, green and white icing sealed in plastic baggies
Sugar sprinkles in red and green
Candies, like M&Ms
Paper plates
Plastic knife

Put the cookies on a paper plate. Cut a small hole in the edge of the plastic bag and use it to apply the icing to the cookies.

 Spread on the icing and then add sprinkles and candies until the cookies are perfect.

When you are finished, you have a very sweet memory and a tasty cookie treat.


  1. What a sweet story and such a cute angel - thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays to one & all, Joanie