Monday, December 27, 2010

An especially nice Christmas present

My family really a pulled one over on me this year and gave me quite a surprise. When asked what I wanted for Christmas I said the most outlandish thing I could think of, an iPad.

I really wanted one, but I didn't imagine they would take me seriously. I did say they shouldn't have but I must admit I really, really am pleased with my gift. Shocked would also be a good description.

I even tried not to ignore everyone and "play" too much while I should be visiting -- a very hard thing to do.

My blogging was done this morning on my iPad -- one reason I am a bit late -- but I am sure to get better.

Anyway, to my family, thanks very much. I really love it and you really pulled one over on me this year. I was, am speechless and I really appreciate it. As soon as I learn a bit more, it should make my life/work much easier.


  1. Love your iPad, Deberah - and how neat that your family surprised you with it! You are so deserving, Merry Christmas! Joanie