Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jazzing up Christmas cards

Every year while I do Christmas shopping, I usually find Christmas cards with a message I like, but the cards are not usually very decorative. I know it is hard to see from this photo what I have done, but I have found that if I add some glitter glue it really does make a cheap card have a more expensive appearance.

On the right I added glitter glue on the stars around the snowman and on the left, I added glitter to the star. I have found that just a little bit of glitter makes a real difference but too much can make them look worse. I just try to focus on one or two areas and it does seem to improve the cards.

Other things you can use are small bows, buttons and little scrap booking decorations. The good thing about this is that it really doesn't take very much time. A few dabs of glue and a little time to dry and the cards look so much more expensive.

I am sure I will buy even more cards with good messages in the future and hopefully I can add just a little bit of pizazz to make them acceptable.

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  1. That's a great idea - I have noticed lately that they are making some really neat glitter products. You always have such creative ideas & I enjoy your site so much, Happy Holidays to you & yours, Joanie