Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another good choice for cake

Between the final days of October and first days of November, we have plenty of cake. That is because we have three birthdays right together. I guess we could celebrate them all at the same time but it seems a bit unfair to make all three give up their special day because it is more trouble to make several cakes.

The first birthday cake was I made was a chocolate/chocolate for my Mother's birthday, then I made chocolate/chocolate cupcakes for Halloween. Then, my sister's birthday is the next day which incidentally is All Saint's Day. I decided we didn't need another chocolate/chocolate cake so I decided to make a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

My normal gluten-free cake mix was sold out at the grocery store and I saw this Pamela's chocolate mix so I bought it and to mixed up some butter cream frosting for a little something different. I am really sold on this cake mix. It was wonderful.

I was concerned because one of the ingredients was chicory and I really am not a fan of chicory. However, this cake mix was so perfect. I decided to add a cup of vegan chocolate chips because I wanted it to be really rich.

Even my family members who are not too excited about gluten-free products were wowed by this cake. It was a great success. All I can say is that I don't want any cake for awhile, but when make a gluten-free one, I will try another Pamela's mix. It is my new favorite product. Does anyone know where I could find some coupons?

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  1. Mmm! I have not heard of this brand but it sure sounds good!