Monday, November 14, 2011

Mini cupcake wreaths

More cupcake designs I made for the last issue of Newnan-Coweta Magazine: These pretty and decorative wreath cupcakes were again, easy to do. I used fruit roll ups to make the bows and red hots for this design. Red mini M and Ms would work, too.

I iced the cupcake in white, tinted some of my icing green and then using the green icing placed large, simple stars around the edge with the large coupler and large star tip. The bow can be made in four pieces -- a large loop cut from strawberry roll up and pinched in the center to form the main loops of the bow, two pieces of roll up underneath that piece that forms the ribbon ends and a small piece of ribbon wrapped around the front, center of the bow. I put this together, placed it on the bottom of my "wreath," then added the seven pieces of candy, spaced evenly around the circumference of the wreath.

Roll ups are easy to cut using kitchen shears or with a knife on a cutting board. If roll ups are really thin they may be layered to form thicker pieces that might be easier to manage. At times I was able to cut the roll ups while still attached to the plastic and then take the cut piece of roll up and form my bows. Roll ups make lovely bows for cupcakes, or even a cake.

I may try using this idea with regular-sized cake at Christmas but I would use two rows of stars around the edge of the cake with the large star tip using green icing. I would make a much larger bow or put several together. On a cake you could probably even get away with using a real bow!

I enjoyed making this green cupcake wreath, too. I just picked out candy stars that matched the blue roll up.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the idea of making a wreath cake and outlining the wreath shape using a star tip! I do believe I could do that -- thanks!

  2. These look delicious, yum! Thanks for sharing,