Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The days have been so beautiful lately. Fall is really my favorite time of the year. My reasons vary, depending on the day and the weather, but one thing I really love about fall are the great pumpkin- and apple-flavored teas and products that are on the market, just for the season.

Above, my favorite tea company, The Republic of Tea always offers some hot and spicy tea flavors. One I picked up at a recent trip to World Market, Pumpkin Ginger Tea. The other, Hot Apple Cider Tea I think is a leftover. I only had a few bags but if they have this one, buy it, it IS even better than the Pumpkin Ginger Tea.

I also picked up this jar of Pumpkin Butter and I plan on making some pumpkin scones to serve with an all-pumpkin afternoon tea. I know the teas are great. I will have to let you know about the pumpkin butter. I can tell you I love the jar. I feel sure I will love the pumpkin butter.

Another favorite are Pumpkin Spice Lattes you can get at Starbuck's and at all our local coffee shops. It's just another thing to love about fall.

Then there's red and yellow leaves, acorns, fall gardening, apples, spice cake, tailgating ...

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