Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today, I just want to congratulate my friend and colleague, Angela McRae because her newly published book is fresh off the press! Dainty Dining: Vintage recipes, memories and memorabilia from America's department store tea rooms, has just arrived from the printer and is an amazing book. If you remember the vintage tea rooms in department stores all across America, you will love reading what Angela has to say in this beautifully written and photographed book.

She includes well-researched, tested recipes from these department stores and it is obvious she put so much time and effort into her new book. I will admit just looking at all the photos and memorabilia took me back in time and opened up some treasured memories, especially about Rich's, our local department store in Atlanta -- which is gone but still fondly remembered. She is also planning to blog about it and allow everyone to leave messages about their own department store memories beginning soon at

I just wanted to say Congratulations Angela! This is a great book and you deserve the best!


  1. Thank you so much for ALL your wonderful support of my book!

  2. It's a Wonderful book, great stories & photos and so many interesting historical facts -
    it's a great book!

    All the best to Angela, Joanie