Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween storage

Every year, prior to Halloween, I go down to the basement and try to locate my Halloween "stuff." It usually takes me awhile because of my disorganization. This year I decided I really needed to do better and I had a creative six-year-old for a helper.

Actually, he was kind of sad when I started taking down and putting away the Halloween decorations (Do we have to take down the spider web?) so I told him it just had to be done but we would put it in a storage box so we could keep it all together for next year and this seemed to cushion the blow.

After we had gathered everything, including his favorite huge spiders from Halloween City, I handed him the Sharpie and asked if he wanted to write his name on the box. I suggested he label it Eli's Halloween Stuff, which he did.

The next day I noticed that at some point he had embellished his work and added his brother's name as well. I never expected him to have so much fun with a storage box and a black Sharpie but this is a bit of artwork we will always cherish and next year I will know exactly where to look for Halloween decorations.

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