Friday, November 11, 2011

Planning for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a big deal at my house. My husband loves, loves loves Thanksgiving. I have to carefully plan and include most of his favorite things because I don't want his favorite day of the year to be a disappointment to him.

Last year I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving decor. It was festive, yet not overdone. We like to have a more casual day with food at 12:30 pm, social time followed by outdoor games until everyone gets tired. Last year I purchased sunflowers and used rosemary for greenery.

I made rosemary wreaths for a table decoration and for everyone to take home. The aroma of rosemary filled the entire area with a fresh scent. I picked this out of my garden. Rosemary looks even better during the cool weather months.

We made a ring toss game which didn't impress anyone. Everyone wanted to play corn hole.

The kids enjoyed coloring and making pomegranate turkeys.

And Indian headbands with feathers.

I had plenty of leftovers and made sure everyone had plenty for another meal in these takeout plates from the dollar store.

Last year I made pies. Too many pies really, but I was trying to learn to make better pies. This year I am still working on my menu and decor but we will be keeping it laid back and I think not so many pies. My husband always says, "Let's just have what we had last year." But I don't think that works because there were some good and some not bad, but not so good things about last year and one of those things were too many pies (and too much work!).

I just want to plan a celebration where everyone feels welcome and enjoys themselves. I will know if that happens that it was a success.

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  1. Great photos, Deberah!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, Joanie