Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden views

A group of bamboo poles tied together makes surprisingly pretty architectural garden accents. It grows prettier as the beans grow up the poles.

This tree above confuses me. I always think I know what it is but I am always wrong. I think it looks like a mix between a lilac (which it is not) and a type of hydrangea. It isn't a butterfly plant, though it looks kind of like one--not the leaves but the blooms.

It is striking in the landscape.

Wild flowers grow beside our lettuce. They are so pretty.

It is wild evening primrose and they are growing prettier every day.

Potatoes are blooming and the vines look wonderful.

This looks like a dandelion bloom on a potato vine and it is, of course, both--the dandelion bloom is growing up through the leaves of the potato vine and I did a double-take and thought, "What in the world is happening here?" I was kind of relieved to see they were two plants growing together.

Tomatoes don't have the prettiest blooms but when you see them you know tomatoes are not far behind. The thought is lovely.

These are just weeds and I would have never have given them a second look but the little flowers all over them makes them pretty. I guess when you see them through a camera lens, things look different.

I think they are good for the bees. We will appreciate every wild flower when we are eating our honey.


  1. I think your white tree may be privet. One mysteriously started growing along the side of our house. Even though the websites say it is now considered invasive here in the South, I think it's pretty and the scent is divine!

  2. Thank you. That makes sense. I agree. It does have a wonderful scent and the bees love it!