Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinterest gardening ideas

I am so happy that I have something as simple as Pinterest to get ideas when I need them. I just do a search and I can find just about anything I could imagine. The photo above is a simple patio garden. I like it because all of the pots are the same giving it a modular look. Learn more about this garden at 3bp.blogspot.com.

I have always been fascinated that people use things as simple as old gutters to plant in spaces you didn't think possible. This photo looks like this mini-garden of lettuces is below a deck. I think this could make several nice large salads.

Making things from PVC and piping is a wonderful and inexpensive support idea. This one looks great and is very supportive. Details can be found at beachbrights.com.

I always love tepees and this one, made of bamboo is covered with beans. What a great idea. It provides shade and a dinner vegetable! It can be found at molbaks.com.

Another deck garden. Why am I so interested in deck gardens? I am working on one myself. This looks very lush and is at how-do-it.com.

Another deck garden in pretty boxes. This one sits on a platform. See it at remodelista.com.

Oh my goodness! Another use for pallets. I think it would make a nice strawberry garden but the lettuces and spinach look good, too. It is at the microgardener.com.

I also love these metal buckets. Mine don't look shiny and new like these. I don't think this garden will be as bright and shiny next year, but it will still be nice and effective. It is a great way to have a backdoor herb garden like this one at thevintagewren.com

And last, I not often had cucumbers this pretty and straight but hanging them high to get better use of gravity would probably work. I love these cucumbers. Apparently, this one was grown by transatlanticplantsman.

Hope you enjoyed these. I can't wait to show you my deck garden.

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  1. What great ideas! I especially love using those pallets. Just yesterday, I saw where someone used pallets that were painted, decorated with cushions and turned into deck furniture!