Friday, May 31, 2013

My Deck Container Garden

Our deck has never been an important place for us. Every year about this time I suggest we fix up our deck and make it a pleasant place to lounge. Every year we think it's a good idea and then we don't do it.

I don't think it is because we are lazy, but because we just don't exactly know what we want to do with it. We do want to do it but the vision is just not there. So we just leave it alone and my husband goes out there to grill and little else.

This year will change one thing. We are growing some plants, including vegetable plants and herbs on our deck and if that is successful, I am thinking we will see our deck as a more inviting place to be. In the photo above you can see that our little experiment is taking off and growing greener, and larger day by day.

Above are some tomatoes and behind that are cucumbers and Ronde squash from Renee's Garden.

Our basil plant is hidden in one pot by mixed lettuces and watercress.

In the pot above is a Poblano Ancho pepper and a very large chamomile plant along with a few other smaller plants. I can't wait until the chamomile starts flowering so I can dry the flowers for tea.

In the pot above are more peppers, lettuces, a basil and I think some lavender. There is even a dill peeking out on the left hand side. This one is really full and pretty.

A few more squash plants.

And another tomato with a bamboo tepee. I am loving the way they my container garden is growing. I might even set up my lounge chair so I can watch my plants  grow! Aren't they pretty? Later I will need to add some flowers for color.

I am not using any poisons so it could be I will have to set up my chair to swat away non-beneficial bugs. I could nap in between bug raids. Just a thought.

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  1. How pretty everything looks! And I like your thought about napping in between bug raids. Excellent plan!