Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Picking up our bees from Buster's

As we picked up our new bees from Buster's Bees in Jonesboro, I thought all the bees and hive boxes and nuc (short for nucleus) boxes he had all around the small lake on his property made a very picturesque scene. We arrived about 7:30 pm for our 8:15 pickup time and couldn't help but walk around a bit to see what life was like in an area where there were millions and millions of bees (or more)!

There are not usually this many bee hives on the property. Buster told us that most properties can only hold around 30 hives. We asked if we would be safe and Buster's wife, Fran told us that if we didn't swat any bees, we probably wouldn't get stung.

We did venture close enough to see that many of the hives had bees gathering around the entrances of the hives and they were obviously getting ready to call it a day. All was quiet on Buster's lake surrounded by bees, many of which where being picked up. Buster sells out every year.

As Buster (at left) and his helper got our order ready, he told us we had a nice, strong hive. In addition to the hives he sells in the spring, he transports hives around to farms to pollinate the crops. I am satisfied to have my one little hive and I hope I can be as successful as Buster hopes I will be.

I loved it when he said, "Thanks for taking care of the bees."


  1. Love your post, Deberah! The photos are beautiful. I look forward to hearing more about your bees, Joanie

  2. How fun! It looks so pretty and green there, and I imagine all the vegetation at Buster's is especially nice thanks to the bees. Looking forward to hearing more buzz about yours! (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)