Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sage flowers

I have been working in my garden a little every day and it is finally beginning to shape up.

Yesterday we added annual herbs that I started from seeds to the beds (dill and basil) and I was just amazed at how beautiful our sage was. There were tons of pretty lilac flowers all over it.

We have had sage growing year after year and it seemed to be dwindling rather that expanding as most herbs do. This plant, added last year has really taken off. I am quite thrilled by it.

Now, in addition to dressing that I usually only make at Christmas, I can make other dishes with sage. Most people tend to like this herb in moderation so I guess I need to get started on drying sage leaves and cooking sage dishes.

I may get started with a dish I cooked previously of chicken wrapped with bacon. The recipe calls for an herb leaf wrapped up in bacon for each piece of chicken-finger-sized piece of chicken cooked. A great way to use sage. Here is the recipe.

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  1. I have made a pimiento cheese recipe before that calls for sage. It is quite unexpected in that, but sooooo good!