Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our semi-beautiful garden

By this time every year my garden is usually blooming and beautiful. I will admit that it is looking much better but it is not quite what it usually is. I am hoping that the weather will continue to be good and I am hoping and praying for continued rain.

A few things are thriving like the potatoes, above center and carrots, above, at left.

We have so many skips and spots in what has come up that we have started planting tomato plants, pepper plants and herbs in the bare places in the cooler weather plants like peas, kale, lettuce and anywhere things didn't come up. This is a good thing that is saving room and allowing us to plant more things in our garden.

Eventually when the weather turns hot, our tomatoes and peppers will be there and could even give some shade to plants like lettuce, allowing us to extend the life of the cooler weather plants. We still haven't planted okra or sweet potatoes--things that really don't like it cool.

We did have to replant some of our pole beans and I need to buy more cucumber seeds, though we have large spaces where they came up quite well.

One thing that looks great, our large Renee's Garden Chianti Rose tomatoes. They are almost waist high and producing blooms.

It has been a weird year for planting but things are looking better and better.

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  1. This is beautiful indeed--and I'll bet it's very happy with all the rain we've had lately! And guess what? The 'Tea Clipper' rose you gave me has 10 buds on it this morning, and the 'Wedgwood' rose already has two tiny buds as well!