Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My backdoor garden

This year I have decided to plant a few pots of vegetable plants and herbs right outside my backdoor on the deck. So far I am loving it! They all look very good and it's easy to open the back door and spray a little water on the plants in the mornings--that is when I need to.

As anyone in the area knows, watering has not been the problem for a number of days and even though today was not rainy, the sun has been in and out of the clouds.

At this point I have about five tomato plants, some basil--my very favorite herb, chamomile, a couple of dill plants, some cilantro, squash and I thew some lettuce seeds in almost every pot.

And I forgot about the pepper plants. We planted some poblano ancho peppers and some jalapeno peppers. Right now I don't know which is which. The poblanos should be the larger peppers.

The squash that I have planted now are Ronde squash. The round zucchinis that are so delicious.

Above, Ronde's with cilantro sharing the center spot in the bright blue pot.

I don't have everything organized and really I don't have much of a sunny space on my deck, or space suitable for too much, for that matter. But, when I need a few items for salad or some herbs for cooking, I can just walk out back and pick what I need and in my mind, it seems ideal. Now we just need some sun.

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  1. They all seem to be enjoying your TLC! I like to grow herbs on the deck too, especially the various mints I use for tea. How convenient to have "groceries" just a few steps away!