Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Floating row covers

I love trying new things in the garden and after battling the bugs this summer I am certainly ready to try almost anything to be able to grow things organically. One of the things I have been reading about is floating row covers. I recently ordered one to give it a try. I won't know for awhile if it will work but it is certainly worth a try.

As you can see, above, it is a very thin material that looks kind of like the interfacing used for sewing -- but lighter.

It is meant to just rest on top of the ground over the plant row. The sun and rain can get in, but bugs can't or aren't supposed to and that is the great benefit of this product. It can also protect from frost so I will probably try it on lettuce. Right now, I am trying it on a new row of squash, since that has been the most attacked vegetable in my garden.

I should know something soon and will post photos as soon as I can


  1. I like that material - I'm all for anything that works naturally (and it's nice to know it also helps 'fight off frost!') I look forward to your updates on how it goes, Good Luck! Joanie

  2. Can't wait to learn more about this!