Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A rainbow of tomatoes

In the last couple of years I have noticed that tomatoes come in all sizes, shapes and colors. My photo, above, is not very good but this gives you the idea of what I mean. I planted seeds for Heirloom Brandywines, pictured at back, which will turn a rose-colored red when ripe, yellow tomatoes, in the center, and Black cherries, bottom right.

I didn't think any of my yellow tomatoes grew, but noticed these yellow ones after they began to ripen.

I also like the shapes. Large, like the Brandywines are good for slicing but have a large core. I don't have one right now but the Rutger tomatoes I planted are large and bright red, a good all around choice.

The Romas, center left are cone shaped and are a good, meaty variety.

The nutritional value of each color varies. The red tomatoes have more vitamin C, more lycopene and are more acidic.

The yellow and black tomatoes are best for people who suffer from reflux or acid-related stomach problems and have more B Vitamins.

I just like having a variety of colors. My husband really doesn't like the black tomatoes because he says they look like they have gone bad. He also is wondering why we just can't grow regular tomatoes. On some times we just have to agree to disagree.

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  1. I love this photo - and the information on tomatoes, great info! Tomatoes are so great, especially in the summer. Have a great day, Joanie