Monday, August 9, 2010

Highland Lake Inn: Photos of their gardens

This past weekend, my daughter sent me the above photo in a text and underneath she wrote, "Not so many problems with THEIR squash."

My daughter was on a retreat sponsored by her husband's job at Highland Lake Inn, in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Of course this was a dig, because she knows how hard we have been fighting bugs this year, especially the bugs that have been attacking our squash.

She started taking photos of the organic gardens during a walk and the photos kept coming. They do have a beautiful garden close to the lake. It looks like they have a nice irrigation system and also use companion planting to help keep insects at bay.

Her comment on the photo above, was, "They sure need to pick their butternut squash!"

I really loved the photo of their greenhouse. It would be nice to have a greenhouse to grow things year-round. The Inn has a great restaurant with much of their food provided by these gardens.

It would be perfect to be able to grow lettuce and things that won't grow in the hot part of the summer.

I didn't expect this photo of a turkey, but it was obviously was a large one and my daughter was impressed.

She finished with photos of the lake and grounds.

She had a wonderful time and said the Inn was a mix between rustic and trendy. The food was really delicious and the rural setting was relaxing. She had a great time and I appreciate these photos of their gardens, even though their squash looks better than ours.


  1. Nice photos! Good photo of that turkey. Hendersonville is a pretty area, we have some friends who live fairly close to it. I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing, Joanie

  2. They also do organic garden tours, and they have a cooking class with their chef (30 bucks). Seriously some of the best food I have EVER eaten in a restaurant. I know a lot of people from the Greenville area who frequent it.