Monday, August 30, 2010

A Whole Foods trip

Whew! What a week last week was. I had some technical difficulties but I am back online this week.

And this weekend, I went to Whole Foods -- it makes going to the grocery store a pleasure, rather than a chore -- for me, at least. It is always a pleasure to see the vegetable bins filled with beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables and all the products you don't normally see at the local grocers. It is also nice to be surrounded by such helpful salespeople who are ready to walk you to anything you can't find. The price is higher and that is kind of a shame, but the experience I love.

One thing I found was a healthier version of pie crust. I am always looking for a pie crust that doesn't have trans fats. I did find some, and then realized they were sitting in the "gluten-free" section, made with all gluten-free flours AND were trans-fat free. This product wasn't fat-free, but it was made with healthier fats.

The price tag of $6.99 was quite high but I would pay that price for a holiday meal. Most of the time I would consider that too expensive and would make my own. Mine is never as pretty as the grocery store version.

I stood back for a moment from that case and realized it was brimming over with gluten-free treats. In the top photo there is a package of gluten-free pizza crusts sitting to the left of the pie crusts. In the photo above, there are breads, cakes, muffins, pies and even brownie bites.

I do know it is expensive and we don't have a local Whole Foods, but perhaps letting your local grocer know you are interested in a gluten-free section would put more products on your local grocery store shelf.

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  1. Glad you're back on-line, I love visiting your site! I am a fan of Whole Foods, too, it does make shopping a pleasure. Have a great day, Joanie